Integrated Report 2021

Our business

About Barloworld

Barloworld is an industrial processing, distribution and services company with two primary areas of focus: Industrial Equipment and Services and Consumer Industries (food and ingredient solutions), with our remaining interests in the rapidly changing Automotive world focused on Car Rental and Leasing activities.

  Industrial Equipment and Services   offers earthmoving equipment, industrial services and power systems, which enable the operation and maintenance of a large array of mining, construction and power solutions for our customers, with whom we have built enduring relationships based on mutual trust  
  Consumer Industries   provides large enterprises with the ingredients essential to the manufacturing of a range of products including food and beverages, paper, pharmaceuticals, building materials and adhesives, among others  
  Car Rental and Leasing   remain our only Automotive businesses  

Our business

Motor Retail and Logistics are discontinued operations from 1 February 2021, and the Group’s 50% holding in NMI-DSM is held as an associate.
**  Other includes Digital Disposal Solutions (including SMD), Khula Sizwe, Handling and Corporate office.