Barloworld is committed to the ongoing creation of shared value for all its stakeholders through the purposeful stewardship of the six capitals and balancing our stakeholders’ interests.

Value creation for stakeholders is impacted by the group’s Purpose: Inspiring a world of difference, enabling growth and progress in society, its three strategic objectives (Deliver top quartile shareholder returns; Drive profitable growth; Instil a high-performance culture), its sustainable development framework, and its commitment to being a responsible corporate.

Human rights are covered by our strategic objective of ‘Instil a high-performance culture’, and the Intellectual, Social/relationship and Human capitals.

Barloworld’s Worldwide Code of Conduct defined foundational principles for responsible corporate citizenship that include; Obey the law, Respect others; Be fair; Be Honest; Protect the Environment, and sets out the group’s five core values. It determines how our aspirations and values are translated into actions and behaviours. Our Code of Conduct reminds us of the standards to which employees and the group are accountable and provides as follows on our commitment to respect for human rights:

‘We respect and contribute to the realisation of human rights Barloworld has a longstanding commitment to human rights and the dignity of all people. We create a work environment that recognises the rights of all employees so that we can enjoy a workplace that is respectful, puts safety first and values fairness, responsibility, transparency and diversity. We work with principals and suppliers who support human rights and demonstrate strong values and ethical principles. We avoid those who violate the law or fail to comply with the sound business practices we promote.’

Teamwork, one of our core values includes:

  • ‘We treat others with respect’,
  • ‘We treat people fairly and prohibit unfair discrimination’,
  • ‘We value and encourage diversity’
  • ‘We build outstanding long-term relationships with our principals, suppliers and customers’ “…we expect suppliers to comply with the sound business practices we embrace, follow the law and conduct activities in a manner that respects human rights…”

Our Commitment value includes:

  • ‘We respect and contribute to the realisation of human rights’, and
  • ‘We are committed to fair labour practices which includes not tolerating any form of forced or compulsory labour and prohibition on child labour, as well as recognising the right of freedom of association.

Human rights attention in the group is largely focused on workplace Human rights.

The group’s modus operandi with regard to investments is one where it generally acquires a business in its entirety, or a controlling stake thereof.

Workplace related human rights includes health and safety, development, prohibiting unfair discrimination, freedom of association and collective bargaining arrangements, and prohibiting child and forced labour. These are covered in the human capital section of the due diligence process for all new investment’s opportunities. If the transaction proceeds, any gaps identified are then addressed in terms of the group’s values, Worldwide Code of Conduct, Human Rights Policy, compliance with applicable legislation, including those frameworks to which it is a signatory.

The group expects that its supply chains conform to its values and suppliers rated as high-risk are expected to sign the Supplier Code of Conduct. Evidence of non-compliance would result in appropriate action being taken according to the circumstances.