Our strategic framework, approach, and related targets are endorsed by the board and institutionalised reporting structures ensure board oversight of progress.

Barloworld does not allow child labour. It is contrary to the group’s Worldwide Code of Conduct, Supplier Code of Conduct, Human Rights Policy, and our values and ethics.

As the group represents leading global principals and engages responsible suppliers, it is not aware of any use of child labour in its supply chain, nor has it identified any suppliers at risk. In addition, our Supplier Code of Conduct provides as follows:

‘Suppliers shall not employ children at an age where education is still compulsory. Children under the age of 15 (in the absence of a legal stipulation) or below the stipulated legal minimum age, shall not be employed.’

Suppliers, service providers and contractors are also expected to comply with applicable legislation and the Supplier Code of Conduct. They are also expected to comply with their contractual obligations, which set certain standards of conduct. Any breach of the Supplier Code of Conduct will be considered a material breach of the contract between the Supplier and the relevant Barloworld company entitling the relevant Barloworld company to terminate the contract.

The reporting organization shall report the following information: a. Operations and suppliers considered to have significant risk for incidents of: i. child labour; ii. young workers exposed to hazardous work. b. Operations and suppliers considered to have significant risk for incidents of child labour either in terms of: i. type of operation (such as manufacturing plant) and supplier; ii. countries or geographic areas with operations and suppliers considered at risk. c. Measures taken by the organization in the reporting period intended to contribute to the effective abolition of child labour.

Integrated Report

There is no child labour in any Barloworld operation. It is contrary to the group’s Worldwide Code of Conduct, our Human Rights Policy, our values and ethics, group policies, recruitment practices and it is illegal in the countries in which the group operates.

No Barloworld operations are identified as being at risk for any of these aspects. By representing leading global OEMs and brands, and engaging responsible suppliers, Barloworld also participates in supply chains that conform to norms and regulations and aspire to the highest standards.

The group has not identified any significant suppliers as being at risk of child labour. If a non-conforming supplier was identified, appropriate action would be taken given the circumstances.